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Whenever Nigerians are in groups of three or more within the country or abroad, it is most likely we are talking emotionally about Nigerian economic, political, and social conditions and solutions. During these gatherings we each raise our voice to stifle others passionately begging to be heard. At the end of it all, no one learn more than before the gathering. For all these patriotic Nigerians in the country and abroad this is your FORUM. This is the venue to express those thoughts and solutions with the least interruption and learn from others. Come with all your knowledge and ideas for the betterment of the only land that is Nigerian.

This forum aims at accomplishing the following:

(a) Create the venue for real conversation with each other, on how we strengthen our political, economic and social structure.

(b) Congratulate and share with the rest of us about those who have voluntarily contributed to our community, those who have done good deeds, and those who have excelled in their profession and make us proud.

(c) Create "call centers" and leak centers, the venues to report imminent or witnessed dangers to our economy, country, immediate community, and our elected officials.

(d) Create another venue for our elected officials to inform, organize and direct us. And a venue for us to engage them on our needs with our collective knowledge to support them.

The door is open. Please come in and join us...(NOTE THAT THE FORUM PERMISSION WILL SAY YOU CANNOT POST IN A FORUM THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO REGISTER WITH YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD. Please do not use your regular password. Make up any password that fits for this forum as long as you can remember it. This is to ensure that your user information is secure.